NewAgeRetro Surveillance Cameras

NewAgeRetro supply Wireless Security and Surveillance Cameras, Nannycam’s and Accessories with complete Support and follow up services. Offering you flexible monitoring solutions for Indoor, Outdoor, Home , Business and Farm use.

With the constant and everĀ increasing threat to our home and business security, a video surveillance and alarm system that has the added, crucial benefit of live streaming to your cellphone or tablet, is an essential. Of even greater value is that it provides you with the ability to watch your children, old family members, your valuable assets and your business without having to access your computer. See all and everything live, on your cellphone.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras are great for checking in on what is important to you via your Phone, Tablet or the Web

With our wireless cameras you will be to stream live video to your web browser, smartphone or smart device. The flexibility of our security surveillance systems means you can access your camera’s footage whenever you want to, from anywhere in the world.

Wireless Wifi Surveillance Security camerasOur surveillance cameras use electricity and stream video footage in full colour. Some of our camera models also have HD video colour functionality.

All the cameras have an infra red night vision capability with a range of between 8 meters and 30 meters. The best feature of our wireless cameras is the motion detect sensors that notify you immediately via an sms an email, the moment it detects movement.

Recording facilities include an SD card slot on the camera itself for recording directly to the camera and the Blue Iris with a capability for up to 64 cameras. The settings on the camera can be adjusted to take snapshots on motion detection or taking snapshots remotely, using the free downloadable application.

You simply install the camera meras havehe either DIY or with our instad/or an service, download our free application for Android, I-phone or tablet, and activate the camera on your Wi-Fi network.

The downloadable application comes with your own unique login and enables you to Control, Pan, Tilt and Zoom your cameras from your phone or PC. Alternatively you can login to see what is happening, using your browser on your computer.

Our feature product is the Fosbaby that serves as a baby monitor and nannycam with two way sound and temperature monitor. You can even play sweet lullaby’s to put baby to sleep!

Wireless Wifi Surveillance Security cameras


Wireless Wifi Surveillance Security cameras

Best of all is that there are no monthly fees or subscriptions!. We offer you an easy DIY solution, while using your already paid for internet access

Wireless Security Cameras can be used for:

– Home and Business Security

– Monitoring and caring for the elderly

– Monitoring your staff at home

– Monitor your business and staff when you are out

– Checking in on your baby and nanny

– Monitor your seaside villa from thousands o kilometers away, while it is out of season.

– Monitor your valuable assets at home, on your farm or game lodge.

Wireless camera surveillance has never been so easy! All you need to get your own wireless security camera system, is the camera, which will connect to your wireless internet signal.

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